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damn those poor people loving me
15th-Mar-2007 11:08 am - chapter #1 - part 3.
kirsten dunst, unholy, happy

I'm back. Couldn't post yesterday because of school. God damn math tests and load's of homework. But I'm ill now, so I have time to post. I'md doing fine. Found some new friends here and I'm really glad about that. My headaches got better too.
Okay, so anyway. I don't wanna bore anyone. Here's the next chapter of Rising Low

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11th-Mar-2007 07:57 am - rising low. chapter #1 - part 2.
kirsten dunst, unholy, happy

'Told ya I'd post the second part today and here it is. It's not long. Is really short in fact, but the next part will be longer, I promise.

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10th-Mar-2007 10:40 pm - gosh i hate it.
kirsten dunst, unholy, happy

Um...yeah. Why am I posting? Good question. I don't exactly know, because there is no reason. My day has been pretty boring. Went shopping first and then I spent time with my guitar, with my story and with myself. Yeah, and I called a couple of friends [and my best friend came over for half an hour]. But that was really it. Nothing special. But who cares for my day anyway?

What I wanted to say was...um. Shit. Forgot it again. Too stupid. Anyway. The next part of Rising Low is finished, but I'll post it tomorrow morning, since I'm too tired now and I want it to be an extra post. Get it?
Okay, I guess that was it. I'm f*cking tired.

add me. give me comments.
10th-Mar-2007 08:37 am - rising low. chapter #1
kirsten dunst, unholy, happy

Well, I don't remember having told anyone I was writing a story in English. But anyway, I have. And I just finished the first couple of pages. It's not the entire first chapter, but it's quite a bit of it. I'd really love your comments on my writing and if you find any mistakes [which you certainly will, since I'm not a genius at writing in English yet] then could you please tell me?

Okay. So, I hope you like it. It's called Rising Low.

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9th-Mar-2007 04:23 pm - wuhu. i'm there.
kirsten dunst, unholy, happy
Hey guys!

Well, I can't really believe it, but i actually managed to build up my personal LJ. Finally. Seems like it took me ages. I had already wanted my LJ like a year ago and it took me un till now to get one. Isn't that wierd? Usually I'm the fast kid on the internet...nah, just kidding.
Well anyway, so here I am. Gonna load up my user-pics now and then I'm gonna do all that other main shit.

see ya'll
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